Mac 'n Mac:
A change-of-pace meal for dogs who eat home cooking.
By Dale Ulmer
My Boxers, Emily and Lou, along with every other dog I've known, are crazy about fish. Three mornings a week, I serve them a dish that has come to be known as Mac 'n Mac, mackerel and macaroni.

I cook three cups of macaroni (measured dry) at a time. That's enough for two meals. When it's been cooked and drained, I put half of it away in the refrigerator for a later serving Then I add the contents of a fifteen ounce can of mackerel to the macaroni in my Boxers' bowls, add the usual torn up bread and supplements, and voila! Mac 'n Mac.

Since I wrote the previous paragraph I discovered that Emily has allergic reactions to grains of all sorts. I have had to remove all wheat products from her diet. Lou has no problem with grains, but it's convenient simply to eliminate grains from all the food I serve my dogs.

Macaroni is made from wheat flour and flour is a grain. That means no macaroni in mac'n'mac. These days when I would have served Mac 'n Mac, I simply give each Boxer a can of mackerel along with their usual supplements. They like Mac 'n Mac even better than before now that the second mac has been eliminated.