Chicken Innards:
More variety for dogs who eat home cooking
Emily enjoying a bowl of chicken livers and rice.
Here's a meal that makes Emily prance on tiptoe as she leads me from the kitchen to my combination utility-dog dining room. That's not to say that Lou doesn't like it. Quite the contrary! He loves it too.

The recipe is simple. Place a pound of raw chicken hearts, gizzards, livers or a combination thereof on fourteen ounces of cooked rice, add whatever supplements you're using, and stir so the rice becomes more appealing by picking up some of the juices. I use a pair of kitchen scissors to cut gizzards and livers into a manageable size. Serves one hungry Boxer.

Some time after I read the first two paragraphs, I discovered that Emily is one of those dogs who are allergic to grains, so I no longer use rice. These days it's just chicken innards. I give each of my Boxers anywhere from a pound and a quarter to one and a half pounds.
By Dale Ulmer