BML Rules of Conduct
The Boxer Mailing List is a privately owned service made available to its members without charge. The BML can be a high volume list. You may receive 20 or more messages each day. In accepting your BML subscription you agree to abide by the following rules:
  • As a BML member, it is your responsibility to read and take note of all messages carrying an ADMIN subject line. These are official BML bulletins.

  • Flaming, harassing, threatening, or abusive messages on the list, or to another list member in private email, will not be tolerated. Anyone posting such messages will be removed from the list. If you receive such email, forward it to the administrators.

  • When quoting messages in reply to the list, quote only the pertinent sections. It is never acceptable to quote an entire message including headers and signatures.

  • No graphics files or other attachments of any kind may be included in messages sent to the BML.  The IUPUI server is not set up to handle graphics or attachments.

  • The BML is not to be used for any commercial purposes, including selling dogs.

  • Solicitations for contributions to causes, people, efforts, etc. are not to be posted to the list without prior approval from an administrator.

  • Messages may not be cross-posted to or from other mailing lists or newsgroups, and other list/newsgroup addresses may not be included in the copy line.

  • It is strongly suggested that each message sent to the BML be signed with the member's real name, email address and location.

  • Trash messages not acceptable on the BML include the following:
             Virus warnings.
             Test messages.
            "Me too" messages.
             Requests for administrative help (make such requests privately).
             Chain letters.

Our electronic community is a peaceful one in which good manners are required. On the Internet, rules such as these help to encourage courtesy, often referred to as "netiquette".