Dale Ulmer with Toby
Dale was one of the original members of the Boxer Mailing List.  He soon became a Co-Admistrator, and for sixteen years he worked with Maryann Watkins and Jim Clack to keep the BML a great resource for Boxer owners.

Dale's love for his Boxers was unquestioned ... and so was his love of photography.  It was only natural that he combine the two and he became extremely good at capturing the Boxer spirit - and action - behind a camera.  It wasn't too long before Dale, the entertainer, gave his dogs voices, feelings, opinions, and great wisdom - and he did it with a lot of humor.  Day after day, Boxer lovers from around the world checked into
BoxerLife to see what was going on in Germantown, WI.

Would Lou ever really challenge Emily for the title of Head Dog? Does Ems still feel like an orphink? Does Lou's bid for the presidency mean the Ulmer Pack will be moving to Washington, D.C.? Will Ella win the World Champeen Scootchin' Contest?  As Dale's Boxers talked, we listened ... and we smiled.  Sometimes we even laughed out loud!

Dale left us in January of 2012. There will be no more daily updates, but we can enjoy the reruns!  They are sure to bring back memories and a lot of smiles.  That is exactly what Dale would want.

Thanks, Dale!
Louis Z. Ulmer in Review