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American Boxer Charitable Foundation - raises money for Boxer health research
American Boxer Club -  parent club for the Boxer breed
American Kennel Club
Boxer Rescue Foundation - raises funds to provide financial grants to Boxer rescue groups


Ryan's Pet Supplies - everything for pets
Kennedy's Kustom Kollar Kreations - beautiful (and affordable) custom-made collars
Doctors Foster & Smith - everything for pets
Ruff Wear Performance Dog Gear - everything for the dog on the go
J&J Dog Supplies - dog training equipment and supplies (including obedience and agility)
Max 200 - agility and performance equipment


The Everything Boxer Book - by Karla Spitzer
Snort's Special Gift - by Suzanne Yue (put "boxer" in the coupon code and a 
          percentage goes to the Boxer Rescue Foundation) Helps people - especially
          children - deal with the loss of their four-legged friends. Snort is a Boxer.

Ratings and Reviews

Dog Food Advisor - dog food reviews and ratings
Dog Food Analysis -  independent site for dog food info and reviews
Dog Food Scoop - dog food comparison, ratings and reviews
Pet Food Ratings - dog/cat food listings and ratings
Pet Insurance Review - compare pet insurance companies, benefits, costs
      and see reviews from customers