Boxer Rescue Mailing List
The Boxer Rescue Mailing List (BRL) is for those who are involved in Boxer Rescue, or who wish to learn how to get involved. The more Boxer rescue people we can network on the BRL, the more Boxers we can save and find great homes for. Experiences, information, resources and ideas are exchanged among the members of the BRL to help all of us in our effort to find forever homes for these great dogs.

Our rules are simple on the BRL. In addition to the normal ones from the list's server, we only have the following five:

1. Flaming, harassing, threatening, or abusive messages on the list, or to another list member in private e-mail, will NOT be tolerated.

2. Do not FORWARD to the BRL at all! Instead you may hit REPLY, erase the addressee, and put in the BRL address in the TO spot. We have several people who cannot receive forwards, and others who get "pages" of routing garbage to wade through in order to find the real message.

3. If you receive a message from someone wanting assistance finding a Boxer, or placing a Boxer, and so on, and they do not say where they live, you are to write back to them and find out where they live before you send their message to the BRL,
and make sure you include the location in the subject line of the message.

4. This list is for those who do Boxer rescue and for those who are interested in getting involved in doing Boxer rescue. All posts to this list shall be kept to those pertaining to Boxer rescue.

5. If a subscriber is suspected of not being legitimate in their reasons for being on this list or their proclaimed rescue efforts, or creates disturbances on this list, this person can be discussed and investigated in private by the list Administrator and other list members deemed appropriate by the Administrator. Appropriate actions will be determined and carried out.

Everyone on this list is expected to participate in a mannerly fashion, exhibiting respect for the other subscribers, and professionalism in their Boxer rescue activities. No one subscriber shall find fault with another member whose Boxer rescue efforts are not the same as your own. Each Boxer rescue person/group has to work within the framework of their own circumstances. These circumstances vary widely due to varying degrees of support form local Boxer clubs, financial and special restraints. Respect must be shown for others efforts to do the best they can to save as many Boxers as they can, placing them in loving homes.

Anyone who does not abide by the above rules will be set to nomail, nopost, placed on review, or removed from the list.

For information on how to join the Boxer Rescue List please write an e-mail to Rachel Osborn, list administrator, telling your name, where you live, and of your experience or interests in Boxer Rescue.

Thanks for networking to save our beloved Boxers!